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Lifting the head to acknowledge the posture marichiasanaB

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In between the doorframe 🚪

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The homie Yogananda. #weareyoga #yogananda #autobiographyofayogi


Day 21 of the #YogiWarriors challenge is Side Crane Pose (Parsva Bakasana) From a yoga squat position, come up on to the balls of your feet and bring your hands flat on the floor in front of you. Bending the elbows, stack both knees on one tricep and begin shifting body forward. Once you are balancing with feet off the earth, begin to straighten them. It’s never too late to join the challenge, new or experienced yogis are 100% welcomed so just mention @revfitnyc & all the models @gammmyxoxo @aishabambam @jirodgreene @asarisosiris @seelah8 & follow these simple guidelines :-) 1) Take your picture. 2) Use the hashtag #YogiWarriors Please don’t forget it. 3) Tag the models (tagged on my pic). 4) Invite EVERYONE you know to join us no matter the level of fitness/yoga you/they’re at. 5) Enjoy, Smile & Namaste #YogiWarriors #yoga #revfitnyc #revfityoga #peopleofcoloryoga #yogaeverydamnday #sidecrane #sidecrow #armbalance #crowpose #ParsvaBakasana

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Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth
1895 (circa) Lithograph Printed in Calcutta, India.
Album of popular prints mounted on cloth pages. Colour lithograph, lettered, inscribed and numbered 31.
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I have been trying to incorporate #yoga #philosophy into my column this past year (for the most part). Out today! #thesunnewspaper #malaysia


The day I’m here #handstand #berberdiri (at Tasik Kota Puteri)